Bouncy Spiral Curls with Natural Makeup Tutorial

by / Tuesday, 11 March 2014 / Published in Episodes

About This Edition:

In this episode of Beauty Maximized Emily Marie takes you step by step through creating one of the Spring & Summer’s hottest looks. It features the very trendy Bouncy Spiral Curls and Natural Makeup playing with Pinks and Browns.

Video Transcript:

Hi everybody, I’m Emily Marie and welcome to this edition of Beauty Maximized presented by Arvazallia. And today I’m going to be showing you how to get this great playful look that’s super trendy for 2014. You’ve got bouncy, natural, spiral curls on one side of the hair and playful, natural makeup playing with that Pinks and Browns. So, it’s super trendy this year for spring and summer, 2014 and I’ll show you how.

So for this look, you want to have damp hair. And if you just spray it down with some water and then you’re going to want to have it brushed on the side that you normally wear it. And that’s also a hot look for this spring and summer; it’s the deep side part along with these bouncy, spiral curls. So, and then of course we’ve got to have our Moroccan Argan oil hair treatment by Arvazallia. And we’re just going to put a few pumps in, I’m going to use a little bit extra here because we are going to end up taking some of the oils out of your hair when we go through it with a Cleanex.

So you want to just start working that oil in from the ends towards the scalp of the hair for this look. Want to go ahead and put a little mousse in as well. Depending on the length of your hair you’ll need to use more or less. Like I said, we are going to be taking these products out of our hair when we go and use a Cleanex on the curls and that’s how we get a nice look. But so you want to use a little bit extra product here. Once you get that product worked down with your fingers, you want to get that Cleanex of some sort or another. And then you’re just going to start getting those spiral curls going by towel drying with a Cleanex. And you’re just going to keep working those curls. You could have just normally wavy hair and this technique should work to get you some more body and more spiral curls to your wave. Now if you have straight hair, I don’t think that’s going to work for you but you can try it out. You might need some wrap your hair around a curling iron to get this look. And I’ll show you a little bit of that at the end.

Alright. So once you’ve gotten to this point where your hair is scrunched, you want to let to air dry for a little bit. But before you let to air dry you are going to give it just a little bit of hair spray. So just a touch. So that those fly-aways and those fridgies don’t start coming.

Alright. So we are going to let our hair air dry for a little bit and then I’m going to show you how to use a diffuser plus your towel to finish off those curls but we are going to go ahead move on to the makeup for a little bit.

Alright. While your curls are drying you are going to want to just pin back those ones that are right around your face so you don’t get makeup in the hairline. Ok, everybody, say so for the makeup we are going to go for a natural look playing on Pinks and Browns which are pretty universal colors, everybody looks good in a shade of pink, one shade of pink or another. And shades of brown definitely looks good on everybody.

Alright. So we are going to start out just covering any spots or inconsistencies on the skin with concealer. Alright. So once you’ve got your blemishes covered then you want to go ahead and go over it with your spray foundation. Ok, so it’s as simple as that. It literally takes less than thirty seconds to put on a perfect foundation application with this spray makeup, I love this product. Almost as much as I love my Moroccan hair oil.

Your next step here is definitely going to be to powder.

Alright. So our next step here is going to be to do a little bit of contouring of the face. Then you are going to take a shade of powder that’s probably the shade you’d like to be if you were super tan. And then just kind of blend that color in right along the jawline. And you can see how this stands out my face. Then you are also going to want to go around the sides of the face. Just blending that in. Of course then we’ll do the same to the other side. So you totally see how this brings out the shape of the face and also brings out the eyes when you do this trick.

Alright. Next step then is blush. Now I’m going to use a pretty pretty pink color here. This is a pretty good shape for just about every skin tone. You’re just going to dust that color on the apples of the cheeks.

Alright, I’ve got you guys zoomed in pretty close here, so you can see what I’m doing on my eye. We are going to just do an all-over color. You just going to dust that color all over the lids. Just to smooth out the makeup that might already be there and smooth out the base for the other shadows that you are going to use. For this part you just want to use a regular shadow brush.

Alright. Now we are going to use kind of a bigger bristled brush that’s pretty soft. We are going to take a lighter shade than the peach that we just used but not the darkest shade that we are going to use for this look. And we are going to just run that color right there in the crease of the eye. You can see how it’s starting to define the shape of the eye. We just want it in the crease.

Ok, so for our last color we’ll use a nice dark brown. Use another angled brush. You’re just going to tap the brush in there and then blow off the excess. We are going to take that color right from the corner of the eye and bring it in right here on the crease.

Ok, so once you’ve gotten to this point where you’ve got your shadows on we need to take a break and check out our hair. So you want to take that pin out, now we’ve done all of our spray makeup. Take both pins out. And now we are going to use a diffuser which looks like this.

Alright. So we’ve got a diffuser here and just attach this to your blow dryer like this. If you have curly hair you definitely want to purchase one of these. Then turn your blow dryer just on warm and then on low. And then you are going to just kind of pick the hair up and then blow. A key to this look is not to over-blowdry the hair. Just give it a little bit of diffusing and then let it finish with the air drying.

While your hair has finished air drying you can go ahead and finish your makeup. And for this look we need to go on the underside of the eyelid. You can see how that makes the eye pop. We don’t have the line on the top.

Alright. And then we are going to do the same with the bottom waterline. So for this look that’s enough for the eyeliner, that’s all we need. But you definitely – for whatever look you want to do; always define those brows. You’ll want to run a brush through to get the excess makeup. Just defining those brows. Go with your natural shape. So you can see how that just really brings in the definition of my face.

Alright. So once your brows are defined then you go ahead and curl your eyelashes and put some mascara on and you are good to go – all except for the lip color. We are going to talk about that, in just a second.

Ok, so lips. If we are going to play with pinks then you want to line your lips in a nice pink liner. We’re just going to go over it in a flesh toned gloss.

So you are just about done here, when your makeup is finished, your hair is just about dry. And you might want to work it through with just a little bit more of your Morrocan hair oil here. Maybe just two more pumps on those palms.

Ok so the last thing we are going to do here that’s hot this season before I show you how to touch up those curls with the curling iron is we are going to take a bobby pin and we are just going to kind of pin all these curls to one side. So you are basically just going to twist and pin one side of your hair. Part it to the side that has more hair. This is a super hot look, you see this look in magazines all the time right now. With a longer hair you can braid this section, even on shorter hair if you have time to braid this section, it looks great and that’s super hot this season, the side braid and then curls to one side.

And I’m going to show you guys in just a second how to touch up these curls with a curling iron once it’s all dry. So I’ll see you in a sec… Alright guys, so my curls are all dry here. So if you guys have a piece or two that you want to be a little bit more curly, you’re going to take those pieces and simply just wrap them around the curling iron. And don’t curl the very end of it because natural curls are usually straight right at the end. And then you are going to have a nice big natural curl that way. So I just show you one more time if you’ve got those fly-away pieces that you want to be a little bit bigger or more piecy of a curl. You just wrap that curl around the bare curling iron.

All right guys, so we’ve got a super trendy hair style here. Great, natural looking, playful makeup and it’s super fun and you could take this look to the beach or out with your sweaty pie anytime. So if you guys want to get more trendy tips like this one and I’ll make another video for you straight haired girls. I promise. Don’t forget to comment, like, or thumbs up and subscribe to be notified when new videos are up. Thank you guys so much for watching this edition of Beauty Maximized presented by Arvazallia and me, Emily Marie.