How To Replicate Gwen Stefani’s Red Carpet Look in Under 30 Minutes

by / Tuesday, 08 October 2013 / Published in Episodes

About This Edition:

In this episode of Beauty Maximized our featured host Emily Marie will show you how to get “Red Carpet Ready” Hair and Makeup in under 30 minutes. To do so she’ll replicate one of Gwen Stefani’s signature red carpet looks. It covers some pro tips ranging from getting that Celebrity shine in your hair using ArganEsque Moroccan Oil  to having flawless skin with spray on makeup and more.

Video Transcript:

My name is Emily Marie and welcome to this edition of Beauty Maximized presented by ArganEsque.   Today I’m going to teach you guys how to be red carpet ready in under 30 minutes.  We’re going to take our look today from one of my favorite music stars of all time – Gwen Stefanie.  People tell me I look like her.   So the key to being red carpet ready is to have a really clean look with one focal point on the face.  Today we’re going to go for the red lips that Gwen Stefanie does.

Okay everybody; the biggest, most important thing about being red carpet ready is to have one focal point on the face.  Today we’re going to make that our lips.  Like this, the red lips on the red carpet looks really amazing.  Gwen’s got her hair pulled back in a really funky, sort of pulled up do and some straightened bangs to the side and some eye liner and that’s pretty much it.  We’ll get started with wet hair.

So of course we’re going to use the famous ArganEsque oil.  Put however many pumps you use.  I like to use three in my hair and work it from the roots to the ends of the strands like you normally would.  You guys can tell that I always bleach my hair.  Or maybe you can’t tell because I don’t have any roots right now.   I do bleach my hair once a month.  It can be really, really hard on your hair.  That’s why I use this oil because it’s used to restore and strengthen brittle and over processed hair.  And I’m telling you it works.  It’s really amazing.  Sometimes I even like to use a little extra on my ends because it really helps with those split ends.  I’m telling you this stuff really is amazing.

So after you’ve got the oil worked through your hair go ahead and blow dry.  When you’re blowing your hair straight be sure to use a brush.   You can use a round brush if you want and any kind of bristles works usually.  You just want to make sure that you’re blow dryer is set on hot.

I forgot to tell you guys – for a look like this you don’t need to have your hair all the way blown dry.   You just want to get the front part that’s going to be hanging down in your face; you want to get that completely dry and then you want to get most of your hair dry, but not all the way dry.  You want to leave it a little bit damp.

Once your hair is mostly dried and the front is nice and dry, go ahead and turn on your straightening iron.  Get out a brush kind of like this.  You want to have a point on one end and you want the bristles to be rough and able to really comb in any loose fly away hairs.  You’re also going to need a couple of hair elastics for this look.   I’ll show you the picture one more time what we’re going for here.  She’s got a really deep side part.  I’ve mostly got that over here, but we’re going to go just a little bit deeper with the part and really pull the hair over with that bristled brush.  Once you’ve got that side part here, right about the crown of the head, make another section of hair that goes right across the top of your hair to your ear and then you want to brush that hair back.  We’ve got the section in the back.  My section happens to be pink.  What color is yours?

We’ve got that back section.  With this front section we’re just going to kind of tie it up for now because it’s going to be in the way when we put our makeup on.  We’re going to tie it up and I like to just pin it back with a bobbie pin so it’s nice and out of the way.   We’re ready to use our elastic.  What you’re going to do here is brush this section straight back and you can see that I have a lot of fly aways so I’m going to use more of my oil and really pin those down.  I like to do this section by section with the oil because you can really see how it’s working.   You can totally tell that it pinned down those fly aways.  This entire section of hair, we’re going to go ahead and put it a pony tail, bun, wrap thing and depending on the length of your hair you can put it in sections of buns or you can just really get creative.  I’m just going to pull it back into one.  Using your hair elastic, go ahead and pin it back in the back.  Make a ponytail and then tighten it.  Then what I’m going to do is wrap it around and just make a bun here.  Then I’m going to secure it with a bobbie pin.    Now you can see I have these fly aways.  I’m actually going to let these come out and I might curl them and leave them out.

Before you finish your hair we need to move onto the makeup because the hair’s going to be in the face here.   For a red carpet look you want to have a clean looking face.  How we do that is use a tinted moisturizer with a light reflecting property.  Something that’s illuminating it might say on the bottle.  The cool thing about tinted moisturizer is it moisturizes the face of course and also usually gives you sun protection which is something every woman should be wearing every day by the way.  Once you’ve got that tinted moisturizer on you’re ready to move on to foundation.

This video is supposed to be how to be red carpet ready in under 30 minutes.  One of my favorite toys that’s out on the market right now is kind of like spray paint makeup.  This stuff is awesome.  You can find it at any of your local beauty supply stores.   Basically you just spray on your makeup.  It’s so awesome.   And tada!  Isn’t that fricking great?  Once you’ve got your foundation on you can go ahead and use your powder; translucent power or colored powder.  Doesn’t really matter; or whatever your preference is.

You guys can see how great that looks.  You’ve got a flawless finish all over the face.  We’re powdered so we’re not shiny for our up close pictures on the red carpet.  The next step is going to be blush.  We’re going to really do a light colored blush.  You want to kind of do a tan color or bronze sort of  color.  Use an angled brush when you’re putting it on.   You can see how this brush sort of has an angle on the side here.  You’re going to use that side angle to kind of bring that color just around the cheek bone here.  I’m just using a matte tan color here on my cheeks.   I’m just going to kind of dot that color in.  You’re defining that cheek bone.  It’s going to give you really great pictures.  There’s one side just defining the cheek bone and not bringing the color too far onto the face; up by the eye because we are going to have a lot of eye liner on for this look.  So we don’t want to have too much color on the face; just defining those cheek bones.  And then you want to just take a little bit of color and dust it lightly around the outsides of the face and right under the chin to just king of bring the face forward.

The next step is going to go ahead and be our eye shadow which is just going to be a nude color with a little bit of highlighting here under the brows and right here at the corners of the eyes.  And then we’ll do the eyebrows and go ahead and put the eyeliner on.  I’ve got the camera nice and close here.  I’m going to start with the eye shadow.  I’ve just got a nice white sort of egg shelly kind of color.  It should match your skin tone.  So whatever your skin tone is; if you’re darker use a darker color.  And we’re just going to bring that color across the eye and up through this area.  The next step is going be to use a really, really white shade and we’re going to highlight under the brow and right here at the corners of our eyes.    So highlighting under the brow and into the corner of the eye.  Just want to bring that color all the way to the tip of your brow line.  So you can see how that really opens up the corners of the eyes.  When you’re doing a red carpet look you really want those eyes to pop so you can even add a little bit more here at the corners of the eyes before you put your eyeliner on.

Once your eyeshadow’s on you’re ready to go for your eyebrows.  The key to defining your brows and really making them pop – a brow brush.  Something like this.  You’re going to run that through and it’s going to kind of tame your brows and get any excess makeup out.   And then you want to get a color the same as your eyebrows and I like to use a cream based color and a brown brush something of this sort that’s angled and you’re going to get the color on there and basically just take that color right through the eyebrows.  Once you’re eyebrows are defined you’re ready to go on to the eyeliner.

For this look we’re going to use a liquid black eyeliner.    We’re going to go from the inside of the eye and all the way out and bringing the color out at an angle to create a sort of cat’s eye.  Here we’re going to take the color from the inside of the eye and just follow the line all the way out right here on your lash line.  And don’t worry so much about the shape yet, you want to just get the color into those lashes all the way down into the lash line.   And once you’ve got the color all the way into the lash line then you can worry about what the shape looks like.  Alright, and then we’re going to bring it just out at an angle just like that.  Once you’ve got your eyeliner on you can go ahead and move on to eyelashes.  I almost forgot the word.

The key to eyelashes is curl first and then put on the mascara.  With your eyelash curler go ahead and curl your lashes.   And if you’re blessed like me you only have to curl once and then go for your mascara.  Sometimes I like to do this process twice depending on how much eyelashes I really want.  If you want to do it a second time, let the mascara dry and then curl and put on another layer of mascara and you can really have some voluminous lashes.    You also want to go ahead and do the bottom lashes as well.  Pretty much we’re ready to go.  We just need lips and bangs, right?  And of course I’m going to curl these little hairs in the back.

For a red carpet event I want to use a lip stain every time.  And they’re so many awesome lip stains on the market.  Just go looking around and you’ll find one that suits you best.    We’re going to use a red color here like Gwen is wearing.  It goes really well with a classic look like this and looks great on the red carpet.

For red lips you just want to start outlining with your lip stain.  I like to start at the bridge of the lip first and then once you’ve got that shape there go from the outside in.  Just defining your natural lip line.  And then go ahead and color all the way in.  And of course the bottom.   So those red lips looks amazing.  And now we’re ready to do the final finishing touches here on this look.

We’re just going to take this piece down.  I’ve got my straightening iron nice and hot here.  I’m just going to brush out this piece.  We’ll straighten it in separate sections.  And get the hair this way so we know which ones we’ve straightened and which ones we haven’t.   And the last little section over here, I have some pink in this section, so cute.  And then we’re just going to bring all the hair back this direction.  I’m going to take care of my little hairs in the back and I’m going to curl them actually with the straightening iron.  All you have to do is just kind of twist your straightening iron a little bit.  You can see how they’re just kind of sticking out and a little wisp in the back there, looks nice in the front.  You can see that I still have some fly aways here, so I’m going to use a little bit more of my oil.  This awesome Argan oil from ArganEsque.  And I’m just going to rub that into these little fly away hairs.  I’m also going to bring it through this section and you can see how it’s really making it shine.  And giving me a kind of a piecy look which is what I want.  You don’t want the piecy look you can just keep brushing it through.  And then use your bristle brush here.

Okay everybody so here we are – red carpet ready in under 30 minutes.  And this look is so easy and looks good on anyone.  Truly it really does.  And so I just want to ask you guys to don’t forget to comment, like or thumbs up this video so that you can be notified when there’s new videos because I’m going to be coming out with lots more video for you with lots more looks and lot of tricks and tips for this awesome oil from ArganEsque.   And thank you ArganEsque because I am now ready for my close up on the red carpet.  Here we are everybody red carpet ready in under 30 minutes.  I’ve got to get to the red carpet now so I’ll see you guys next time.